Mewing 101: A Comprehensive Introduction

Welcome to the world of Mewing, a postural technique developed by Dr. Mike Mew, the leading orthodontist in dental and facial growth-guidance. The message of Mewing has reached millions of ears through social media, recognised as a technique involving tongue placement on the roof of the mouth for facial health and aesthetic enhancement. It aims to develop the bones of the face without resorting to invasive surgeries and realign the teeth without expensive orthodontics. Mewing extends beyond aesthetic enhancement, as people report the health benefits of improved breathing, decreased snoring, and asymmetries aligning, jaw joint issues alleviating, and the long list continues. Dr. Mike Mew developed Mewing, building on his father, Professor John Mew’s most influential principle in orthodontics, called the Tropic Premise.

The Tropic Premise and Its Impact

“The Tropic Premise states that ideal development of the face and teeth requires the mouth closed, teeth gently touching, lips together, and tongue resting on the roof of the mouth, for at least 8 hours of the day and during sleep.” This principle emerged from a fascinating discovery Professor John Mew made: patients who maintained a closed mouth posture naturally developed well-defined, forward-growing facial structures. In contrast, those who habitually left their mouths open, often experienced downward facial growth. Mewing, developed by Dr. Mike Mew, advances and refines the Tropic Premise by integrating insights from physiotherapy, vocal therapy, and myofunctional therapy, creating a technique that conditions the ideal oral posture to become intuitive and habitual. This innovation stands out because it fosters the gradual, natural improvement of facial structure through lasting modifications in oral habits, emphasising that significant transformations require the techniques to be executed meticulously and internalised to the point of becoming second nature. Drs. Mike and John Mew have collectively treated thousands of patients and published numerous records illustrating the substantial improvements in facial structure and the lasting straight teeth made possible with Mewing. Various clinics globally have now integrated Mewing as a central component of their treatment protocols, as correct oral posture is increasingly being seen as necessary for the success of many treatments. Even at the age of 95, Professor John Mew remains committed to the movement, lecturing at conferences around the world.

Modern Challenges in Dental and Facial Health

The Modern Problem Underlying Mewing

Numerous orthodontic specialists, anthropologists, and archaeologists have concluded that the structure of our faces and the alignment of our teeth are affected by factors within our control that extend beyond genetic inheritance. The fossil record of human skulls demonstrates that our ancestors typically had perfectly straight teeth, prominent cheekbones, and jaws set forward. They also had sufficient space for all 32 teeth and benefitted from wide, spacious airways. This anatomical standard is well-documented as the prevailing norm for the vast majority of human history.


Dr. Mew points out that across all 6,400+ species of mammal on Earth, straight teeth and uniform facial structures are the norm in their natural habitats. Though, some domesticated animals have increasingly been showing signs of dental issues similar to ours.

Only until relatively recently in human society did a change, outpacing the rate of genetic mutation, blaze a new trail. Skulls after the post-agricultural era and particularly after the Industrial Revolution, display diminished jaw sizes, misaligned teeth, narrower faces and airways, and a general decline in facial robustness. Currently, the prevalence of conditions such as crowded teeth, jaw discomfort, snoring, and respiratory issues is at an unprecedented high. Dr. Mike Mew suggests that the decline in facial structure affects nearly everyone in today's society, except for indigenous communities untouched by modernization.

The photos below were taken by Weston Price, a researcher investigating how lifestyle affects development. He consistently observed broad smiles, straight-teeth in perfect alignment and well structured faces that signal health and confidence.


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