Dr Mike Mew: The Man Behind the Mewing Revolution

Mike Mew

1) Overview

In a world where the desire for an attractive appearance and optimising health has spurred myriad medical advancements and cosmetic procedures, Dr. Mike Mew, a British orthodontist, has garnered attention for his groundbreaking work in dental alignment and facial enhancement.

His unique approach weaves together a profound understanding of dental health with a keen eye for facial aesthetics, positioning him at the forefront of developing non-invasive techniques aimed at enhancing the face in both form and function. Dr. Mew's work not only challenges traditional orthodontic paradigms but also places facial health back in our hands, highlighting the pitfalls associated with contemporary facial habits and introducing new concepts on how we can adjust our behaviours to improve our facial architecture.

Who is Dr. Mike Mew?

Dr. Mike Mew is a leading British orthodontist known for his innovative approach to improving dental alignment and facial structure simultaneously and naturally. He is a leading pioneer in the field of Orthotropics, a specialty spearheaded by his father, Professor John Mew. Orthotropics flips traditional orthodontic methods on their head by stimulating the natural development of the jaw and facial structure to make room for the teeth instead of performing extractions or other dental reduction procedures.

What is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics represents a unique branch of dentistry that emphasises correcting oral posture (Mewing) to guide the alignment of the teeth and facial bones. Unlike traditional orthodontics, a speciality focused solely on manipulating the teeth and requiring permanent artificial-retention, Orthotropic treatment seeks instead to address the root cause of malocclusion and thereby doesn’t require further retention after the treatment has concluded. The Orthotropic method typically involves appliances, though the majority of treatment is done through correcting oral posture and function (Mewing). The orthotropic principle is to expand and improve the shape of the bone structure that houses the teeth - this is, the facial bone structure. Our cheekbones, jawlines and facial balance and harmony are all governed by the facial bone structure; so it is of no surprise that Orthotropic treatment is reported to enhance aesthetic appeal of the face, improve airway function and alleviate jaw-joint discomfort. This may also lead to a reduction in snoring and breathing related issues.

What is Mewing?

Central to Dr. Mew's practice is the "mewing" technique, named after him. Mewing is a simple, non-invasive practice involving correct tongue positioning against the roof of the mouth, proper jaw alignment, and improved body posture. This technique aims to reshape the face to function optimally, aiming for both aesthetic enhancement and better health outcomes.

Dr. Mew's Global Influence

Dr. Mew has garnered a vast online following, thanks to his informative YouTube channel and the innovative Mewing App. Through these platforms, he shares scientific findings, practical advice, and educational content, making his methods accessible to a global audience. The Mewing App, in particular, guides users through the process of mastering mewing, providing a cost-effective and non-surgical route to improved facial structure and health.


2) Career and Background of Dr Mike Mew

Early Career

Dr. Mike Mew embarked on his dental career at the Royal London Hospital, where he earned his dentistry degree in 1993. Shortly after graduation, he promptly demonstrated his innovative intentions through a practical experiment aimed at improving his own oral posture. Dr Mew collaborated with a fellow dentist colleague who applied a small dab of dental composite to the back of Dr Mew’s upper front teeth, a technique conceived to act as a constant, tactile cue to keep his tongue pressed against the roof of his mouth. This inventive approach marked the beginning of Dr. Mew's exploration into methods and medical interventions to train proper oral posture. This showcased his early commitment to developing accessible, non-invasive strategies to oral correction and embodied the philosophy that eventually led to the invention of mewing.

International Influence

After completing his initial dental training, Dr. Mew pursued further expertise abroad, working as a 'flying dentist' in Australia. This role involved delivering essential dental services to underserved Aboriginal communities, shaping the ambitions that would later lead to his Prevent Crooked Teeth Campaign. This campaign underscores the importance of early, accessible interventions in preventing malocclusions.

Throughout his travels, Dr. Mew observed firsthand the impact of environmental factors on dental and craniofacial health across various populations. These observations highlighted the variability of dental pathologies globally and reinforced the significance of environmental influences on oral health.

The adventure continued in South Africa, where Dr. Mew enriched his understanding of dental health as a lecturer in restorative dentistry at the University of Witwatersrand. There, he not only shared his knowledge with aspiring dentists but extended his practical expertise by assisting with maxillofacial surgery. This period reinforced Dr Mew’s bottom-up understanding of the complex relationship between dental health, facial structure, and overall well-being.

Dr Mew’s Orthodontic Specialisation

Embracing the legacy of his father, Dr. Mike Mew undertook an orthodontic specialisation at Aarhus University, globally recognized for its avant-garde research in facial growth and orthodontic development. He studied under Birte Melsen, one of the most published orthodontic experts who authored over 360 publications and served as President of the European Orthodontic Society during his specialism there in 2004.

At Aarhus University, Dr. Mew honed his expertise in cutting-edge orthodontic techniques. He became particularly interested in the research that underscored the distressing trend of diminishing jaw sizes, dental crowding, and less functional facial bone structures—symptoms increasingly evident in modern societies. His deep engagement with these issues led to seminal publications such as "A Black Swan?" (2009) and "Craniofacial Dystrophy: A Possible Syndrome?" (2014), which meticulously detailed the adverse consequences of modernization on dental and facial health.

These investigations, rooted in a keen understanding of the latest orthodontic treatments and the archaeological signs of shrinking jaws and flattening faces, established a solid foundation for his subsequent works. His findings also inspired the development of mewing as a strategic response to counteract such modern afflictions, proposing a natural, proactive approach to maintaining and improving dental and facial structure.

The invention of Mewing

The genesis of what would later be known as "Mewing" traces its roots to the foundational insights provided by Dr. Mew's father, Professor John Mew. The elder Mew's seminal contribution to orthodontics, the Tropic Premise—which emphasises the importance of maintaining the mouth closed, lips together, teeth in light contact, and the tongue resting against the roof of the mouth—served as a cornerstone in understanding facial structure development. Inspired by this enlightening principle and fueled by his extensive academic and clinical journey, Dr. Mike Mew embarked on refining and advancing these ideas.

The pivotal moment for the development of the Mewing technique occurred during a long road trip shortly after graduating as an Orthodontic specialist from Aarhus, when Dr. Mew, at the age of 38, experienced a eureka moment. During his car ride, he experimented with optimal neck posture and actively positioned his tongue against his palate, just shy of the intensity now referred to as 'hard-mewing'. He observed a subtle expansion in his dental arch and a noticeable improvement in the alignment of his teeth. Motivated by the significant improvements achieved in just a few hours and recognizing the transformative potential in self-correcting our oral posture, Dr. Mew investigated other fields of rehabilitation to put together the rest of the facial restructuring puzzle.

He delved into the intricacies of oral and facial muscle training, drawing upon the latest in physiotherapy, vocal therapy, and myofunctional therapy. Guided by a commitment to effectiveness and informed on the scientific principles underlying human biomechanics and anthropological health models, Dr. Mew systematically developed a series of techniques that now form the core of Mewing methodology. Refined by measuring patients’ success in a clinical setting, Mewing has become a widely adopted practice around the world and places facial health firmly in our control.


3) Overcoming the Learning Curve of Mewing

The Digital Health and Aesthetics Revolution

In an era where digital solutions are transforming healthcare, the MEW App stands out as a pioneering platform for non-surgical facial enhancement. Developed by Dr. Mew himself, this app embodies a digital gateway to mastering the mewing techniques, offering users a comprehensive tool for facial optimization in a healthy and medically informed way.

Features and Functionality

The Vision Behind the App

The MEW App goes beyond being a tech innovation; it embodies Dr. Mew's goal to widen access to orthotropic methods. Aware of the obstacles to specialised dental care, Dr. Mew aimed to develop a tool that enables people to manage their own dental and facial health, regardless of where they live or their financial status.

The Latest Technology in Your Back Pocket

Leveraging easy to use software packed with advanced features, the MEW app transcends traditional health care and cosmetics, offering practical solutions to those seeking to improve their facial aesthetics and function without the need for invasive procedures. Dr Mew particularly emphasises the importance of the Progress Tracking Feature, designed to monitor your facial enhancement tangibly. This provides users with encouragement and allows them to gain insight on whether they need to make adjustments to their mewing practice.

The Next Steps

As an extension of Dr. Mike Mew's pioneering work, the MEW app serves as a pivotal tool for those aspiring to achieve the balance between aesthetic appeal and optimising health and function. In the MEW app, Dr. Mew generously shares his extensive knowledge and methods, creating a platform that closely simulates the experience of one-on-one training with him. Dr Mew encourages all patients in his London clinic to utilise this app, ensuring they have access to his expertise regardless of their physical location.

Embrace the journey to enhanced facial health and aesthetics with the MEW app—your gateway to Dr. Mew's world-class guidance, anytime, anywhere.

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