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"Open Wide: The Orthotropic Revolution of Dr. Mike Mew" - A Netflix Documentary Unveiling a New Era of Health and Wellness

By Henry

 • Updated on May 30, 2024


"Open Wide: The Orthotropic Revolution of Dr. Mike Mew" - A Netflix Documentary Unveiling a New Era of Health and Wellness

A Paradigm Shift in Orthodontics Netflix's forthcoming documentary, "Open Wide," is a groundbreaking exploration into our Dr.Mew, the man behind Mewing and the leading figure in the field of orthotropics. This documentary looks into the state of the industry, the issues and the legal and administrative conditions Mike faces to bring about advanced dental care. Our hope is that the documentary represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of facial development, orthodontics, and overall health. It’s only available in the US, so you’ll need to live there or have a VPN!

Netflix Open Wide

Who is Dr. Mike Mew? A Pioneer Redefining Orthodontics

Hopefully most of you are aware of our ‘leader’ Dr. Mike Mew! He’s the founder of the Mewing method, Orthotropics and has emerged as a pioneering orthodontist. He advocate’s for a radical shift from traditional orthodontic practices to a more holistic approach known as orthotropics. His theory centres on the concept that proper oral posture, coupled with natural growth, can lead to optimal alignment of teeth and jaws, profoundly affecting facial aesthetics and overall health.

Orthotropics: The Cornerstone of Dr. Mew’s Philosophy

Orthotropics is distinct from conventional orthodontics, it emphasises the natural guidance of facial development. This innovative approach aims to tackle the underlying causes of dental misalignments, fostering natural growth to enhance not only dental health but overall facial aesthetics and function.

Exploring "Open Wide": Delving into the Documentary

The documentary gives a look into Dr. Mew’s methodologies, including:

  • Orthotropic Principles: An in-depth examination of the science and philosophy behind orthotropics.
  • Global Impact: Demonstrating how Dr. Mew's practices have been adopted and adapted around the world.
  • Debating the Controversies: Addressing the scepticism and debates surrounding orthotropics within the wider dental community.
  • Legal issues that Mike has faced, when trying to bring about change.

The Mew App: The perfect tool for starting your MEWING journey.

In conjunction with the release of "Open Wide," the official MEW app is available to download. This app serves as an interactive platform for those inspired by the documentary to explore orthotropics further, and is the perfect way for health seekers to begin their MEWING journey or refine their techniques.

Features of the App:

  • 50 Self-guided Mewing exercises, by Dr Mike Mew himself.
  • 10+ Programs and exclusive guides.
  • Track your progress with weekly analytics.
  • State of the art facial tracking to visualise changes
  • Success Story


Why Engage with "Open Wide" and the MEW App?

"Open Wide" and the MEW app together offer an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the world of orthotropics. The documentary provides an engaging narrative about this innovative approach to dental health, while the app offers practical tools for personal exploration and application, and potentially life changing results. The release of "Open Wide" on Netflix, complemented by the mobile app, invites viewers to not only learn about Dr. Mew’s work but to actively participate in this evolving field. The app serves as the perfect bridge between the documentary’s theoretical knowledge and practical, real-world application.

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Embarking on a Transformative Journey

Dr. Mew’s practices, featured in "Open Wide," signify more than just a new approach to orthodontics; they promote a journey towards holistic health and well-being. The documentary, along with the mobile app, opens new possibilities for understanding and improving facial development and health. It invites viewers to rethink traditional orthodontic methods and begin a journey of personal transformation and improved health. Watch "Open Wide" on Netflix and download the MEW app to begin your journey towards better health and appearance.


Henry is a dedicated health and wellness writer for the Mewing app blog page. Henry provides readers with comprehensive guides, practical tips, and the latest research on mewing and facial exercises. His articles aim to educate and inspire users to incorporate mewing into their daily routines for improved facial posture and overall well-being.

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