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What is Mewing?

Mewing, a posture-improvement technique developed by Dr. Mike Mew, an orthodontist specialising in facial growth, has revolutionised the way we think about facial structure. Dedicated to exploring the impact of posture on facial bones, Dr. Mew’s method has seen global adoption, offering millions a non-invasive route to enhancing facial aesthetics. Through repositioning the tongue, aligning the jaw, and maintaining proper oral posture, individuals can achieve a more attractive and healthier facial appearance. Beyond aesthetic improvements, mewing also holds potential health benefits such as reduced snoring and improved breathing.

The Story Behind Mewing

Years ago, Dr. Mew began sharing his lecture recordings on YouTube, where he discussed the critical role of oral posture in influencing facial growth and development.

A curious audience, inspired to mimic the outcomes seen in Dr. Mew’s patients, began applying his insights and techniques in their daily routines. This community of followers diligently practised the exercises and adjusted their postural habits, leading to significant enhancements in their facial aesthetics, often recognized by those around them.

What began as a modest group has expanded into a global following. Today, even professionals are integrating Dr. Mew’s principles, with clinics worldwide incorporating his methods into orthodontic treatments to bolster their effectiveness.

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Mewing Before and After Results

In this article, we showcase the achievements of mewing enthusiasts from various age groups and levels of experience. Remember, the goal isn't to measure your progress against others but to recognise the progress you’ve made from where you started. Everyone begins at a different point, and each path to improvement is unique. Keep focusing on your growth; soon, you might look back and appreciate the decision to start when you did.

We're excited to share these success stories, hoping they motivate you to embark on your own mewing journey. The true value of mewing lies in the tangible results our community members have experienced. We're immensely proud of the progress achieved thus far. Should you decide to share your journey, you too could become a source of inspiration for others, perhaps even earning a spot in our hall of fame.

Getting Rid of a Double-Chin


Result: 6 Months after Mewing

This section showcases one of the most notable transformations attributed to mewing. While the individual's weight loss undoubtedly played a role; the advancement of his chin and the newly defined under-chin area are unmistakable.

A curious Redditor inquired if weight loss was solely behind his transformation, to which he responded:

“The last time I was at the weight I am now I had a double chin. I got picked on at school because of it. I did lose weight, but it’s up to you if you think it was mewing or not.”

This raises the question: How was the double chin, present at the same weight previously, eliminated? Dr. Mew sheds some light on how sharpening the underneath of your jaw can happen without losing weight, and the solution doesn’t involve merely reducing sodium intake.

The real key lies in understanding the postural effect of the tongue. Dr Mew explains: The natural resting position for your tongue is against the roof of your mouth. Remarkably, your palate (the roof of your mouth) and your tongue are the same shape, as a function of the tongue is to support the structure of the palate, maintaining its width and the surrounding facial bone structure.

Failure to elevate the tongue's base up to the palate results in a downward pressure being exerted on the mouth's soft tissue floor. This can lead to a bulge under the chin, a less defined jawline, and the appearance of a double chin. Conversely, positioning your tongue snugly against the palate elevates the soft tissue floor under the chin and around the jaw, naturally sculpting a sharp appearance.

Within the mewing app, Dr Mew teaches the Max-Vac technique to keep the tongue naturally glued to the roof of your mouth, enabling us to maintain correct posture effortlessly.

The original poster of this result further commented:

“I think Dr. Mew has the best resources and experience for tongue posture.”

How to Glow-Up Naturally (Male)


Result: 1 year, 10 months after mewing

“Same weight”

Maintaining the same weight throughout his journey, this individual has demonstrated remarkable enhancements in facial definition. Notably, his cheekbones are now prominently defined, with both his upper and lower jaws appearing to have advanced forward, creating a balanced and harmonious facial structure.

A striking transformation is the hollowing of his cheeks, a change that goes beyond mere weight loss since he confirmed, “Same weight.” This aspect challenges the common belief that facial definition results solely from losing weight.

Dr. Mew provides insight into this phenomenon, explaining that in adults, hollow cheeks are a natural and attractive feature.

The development of hollow cheeks, as Dr. Mew elucidates, occurs as we transition from infantile to adult dietary habits. This shift leads to less reliance on the buccinator muscles—those used in sucking and swallowing without teeth. As usage of these muscles decreases with a solid food diet, the inner cheek muscles atrophy, or diminish in size, contributing to the appearance of hollow cheeks.

Yet, many of us inadvertently keep these cheek muscles engaged due to improper swallowing and chewing habits, a modern issue possibly brought on by the introduction of sippy cups and straws in early life. Recognizing and correcting these habits can encourage the natural hollowing process of the cheeks.

The poster shared his approach, stating, “I learned the correct swallow super early on, and forced myself to only swallow water with my tongue and use my tongue more when chewing.”

This not only transformed his facial appearance but also led to increased positive social recognition: “I am noticed more and I get more comments about my appearance. People in public are generally more respectful.”

He emphasises the dedication required for such a transformation, recommending Dr. Mew's YouTube videos for guidance: “...It honestly takes a ton of practice, and I would recommend watching Mike Mews YouTube vids on it.“

With the release of the Mewing App, Dr. Mike Mew has condensed over a decade of his lectures into detailed tutorials, teaching the mewing concepts and practices for effective facial change. This digital tool aims to provide users with the structured knowledge and practice needed for significant facial improvement, showcasing the transformative potential of mewing.

How to Glow-Up Naturally (Female)

Mewing before after

Result: 2 Years Later

Witnessing the transformative power of mewing over a two-year period, one individual shared her remarkable journey. Her experience highlights the significant changes that can occur with dedicated practice, even in the absence of weight loss.

She expressed her initial concerns and goals, stating:

“… I had a slight overbite and wanted and wanted to move my bottom jaw forward.”

Delving deeper into the changes she observed, she remarked:

“My maxilla/cheekbone area used to be flat and shallow, and ever since I’ve started mewing they’ve gotten better defined for sure.”

This observation is particularly noteworthy, as it speaks to the potential of mewing to enhance the underlying facial structure. The improvement in the definition of her maxilla and cheekbone area suggests a notable change in facial contour, contributing to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Addressing the common misconception that such transformations are solely due to weight loss, she clarifies:

“But I know the progress I've made isn't due to weight loss, as I weigh more now than I did in the before photos. Just thought I'd make sure there was no confusion.”

Her statement highlights the effectiveness of mewing independent of weight changes. It reinforces the idea that mewing can lead to significant facial changes through posture and muscle engagement, rather than just weight-related alterations.

Reflecting on her journey, she shared her astonishment at the results:

“I was shocked too when I looked back at my old photos. I'm always amazed at how much tongue posture can do for your face.”

Her experience serves as an inspiring example of the potential benefits of mewing, offering hope and motivation to those embarking on their own mewing journey.

Natural Enhancement: No Fillers or Surgery


Results: 1.5 years later (only 6 months consistent mewing)

“(My chin) was so weak before I thought I was doomed to acceptance/fillers/surgery”

This transformation illustrates mewing’s ability to balance facial proportions and enhance the appearance of the face as a whole. The gentle, consistent pressure exerted on the facial bones by mewing, slightly expands the jaws, moving them forward and upright, which refines facial contours and promotes a confident appearance.

She further commented:

““Btw there’s been 0 weight loss (if anything I’ve gained some over lockdown lol but I am slim) and I’m doing the exact same mewing posture in all pics”

Her clarification that the improvements were achieved without any change in weight, and under the same mewing posture across all images, further solidifies the role of mewing in enhancing facial aesthetics independently of body weight fluctuations.

Improve a Weak-Chin


Result: 1 year after Mewing"

Beginner Mewing Results


Result: 4 months of mewing

Dr. Mew notes that while younger individuals may see quicker transformations in facial structure, people across all age groups have reported significant enhancements in both facial aesthetics and overall health attributed to mewing. For those beyond the age of 25, a bit more patience and consistency is advised to observe these positive changes.

Mewing for a Youthful Appearance


Result: Age 27-29

She wrote: “I felt like my face appeared to be slowly melting and was generally different than how I looked in college. So I discovered mewing and fixed my tongue posture. ... Yesterday, I found a terrible picture of my profile from 27 and couldn't believe how much my jawline had actually changed. I know the difference is really small, but for really not doing anything but putting my tongue in the right spot, I was pretty shocked. I also thought I was too old to see any differences in my bone structure, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see small changes. I did not lose weight during this period. It actually crept up from 143 to 147 pounds Second edit: there have been comments that the angle is what is causing the effects. So I spent way too much time today capturing the original angle for my right profile. Then I overlaid my old profile on my new profile to show the difference. So here you go: right profile changes.”

Screenshot from 2024-03-22 11-15-09

Her final picture is an overlay she made of the before and after picture. The two lines under her chin indicate that her face decreased in vertical height, a positive change in most faces; however, due to both pictures being at different distances from the camera, we shouldn’t rely on this overlay to measure the improvement. Instead, let your eyes naturally detect all of the subtle changes.

Many people feel that their youthful appearance begins to decline not long after college. This individual demonstrates that our facial structure may be playing a role and by improving it through mewing, we not only maintain but regain a more youthful appearance.

Start Mewing Today

We trust you found inspiration in the remarkable transformations showcased here, each a testament to the potential of incorporating mewing into daily routines. Remember, the examples shared are just a glimpse of the widespread success stories emerging from the mewing community, especially on platforms like Reddit where individuals eagerly share their progress.

Why not begin your own journey? Capture your "Before" photo and utilise the Mewing App's user-friendly progress tracking tool to monitor your advancements. We look forward to witnessing your transformation and welcoming you to our growing community.

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